• Search for products in compliance with the Client’s specifications
    The Client has an idea about the goods to be imported and the terms of reference (the main technical characteristics that products must have). In the request, the Client also indicates the desired consignment of goods and the price. During the period agreed to by the parties, our manager will present you with the possible options.
  • Negotiating with suppliers, obtaining commercial proposals and samples, approval of samples with the Client
    On the basis of the request submitted to us, our experts will hold negotiations with the manufacturers, agree on the terms of delivery, prices, discount terms, and the minimum order quantity, and will order and receive samples for your approval.
  • Concluding international trade contract(s)
    An international trade contract is the main commercial document for foreign trade operations, indicating the agreement that was reached between the respective parties. Whether the essential terms of delivery are presence or absence within this document may be the deciding factor that either facilitates or complicates customs procedures, in addition to significantly affecting the final cost of the goods.
  • Quality control of production
    At the Client’s request, we will arrange for inspections at the manufacturers’ factories in the various stages of the goods’ production.
  • Transportation and freight forwarding
    We will deliver the goods with all the accompanying documents to the place that is convenient for you.
  • Customs clearance of goods under any of the existing customs regime
    (- production for domestic consumption - exports - international customs transit procedure - processing in the customs territory - processing for domestic consumption - processing outside the customs territory - the temporary import – customs warehouse - free customs zone (free warehouse) - reimportation - reexportation - destruction - refusal from goods in profit of state - the temporary exports – duty-free trade – transportation of stores - other special customs regimes and others.
  • Warehousing services
    Our specialists offer this service in the caset that you currently have no place to store your goods.
  • Consulting with respect to international trade and customs clearance of goods
    If you have ideas and have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to share our knowledge with you and offer you the best solution.

INTERTRADE offers you two options for cooperation:

The Client knows exactly what product(s) are necessary to import / export, has carried out talks with the supplier, and has negotiated the price and terms of delivery.
Upon receiving such a request and signing an agreement with the Client, INTERTRADE personnel communicate with the specified supplier, enter into a foreign trade contract, perform the required payments, arrange for the delivery and customs clearance, safe storage (if necessary), and transfer the goods to the Client’s warehouse.
The Client has an idea about the goods intended for import and the terms of reference (the main technical characteristics that the products must have).
In his request, the Client also indicates the desired consignment of goods and the price. In such a case, upon signing a contract with the Client, INTERTRADE personnel will independently organise the search for products and manufacturers, as well as the receipt and approval of samples. The next steps follow according to the same scenario as in option 1 (see above).